About cbdMD

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, cbdMD is one of the most recognized and award winning manufacturer of gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO CBD products. At cbdMD, the mission is to produce the absolute highest-quality CBD with 0% THC.

The first step is strict oversight of the methods used to farm and deliver the highest quality hemp provides complete control of the manufacturing process, from seed to shelf. 

The next step is to spare no expense through the complete manufacturing process to produce premium quality CBD with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Although the cbdMD extraction process is more expensive than others, it is a process that fully eliminates THC from cbdMD products. cbdMD is fully invested in the research, development and delivery of the highest quality CBD, tested, guaranteed and with no trace of THC.

Professional athletes from golf pros to pro surfers use and endorse cbdMD products lending their voices in support of the benefits of CBD and the quality of cbdMD products. 

cbdMD Endorsed By:

Bubba Watson – Pro Golfer
“I’ve personally felt the benefits of cbdMD’s products. cbdMD is the safest on the market and I am proud to partner with them to help millions feel better.”

Lolo Jones – Track and Field 
“I’ve always worked hard to take care of my body and be in the best shape possible. I’ve integrated cbdMD products into my daily routine, noticed the change in my recovery speed, and am proud to partner with them to educate others about my experience.”

Tyron Woodley – Former UFC World Champion
“I got into CBD, because 3 of my last 5 fights required a major surgery. Lots of scar tissue and pain. My favorite product is the freeze roller. Easy to travel with and effective.”

James Lewis – Champion Body Builder
“As a professional Bodybuilding my body gets taxed on the daily. Looking for a safe remedy for aiding in inflammation relief and recovery, I was told about CBD and all its productive properties. I started to utilize it into my daily routine.”

Chad Reed – Motocross/Supercross Champion 
“We beat ourselves up on the track and cbdMD offers athletes a natural approach to both relief and recovery.”

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