Does CBD Help Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

Although most of the 2.3 million people worldwide with MS will have a normal life expectancy, MS symptoms can severely impact their quality of day-to-day life.

Does CBD Help Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

Research has shown potential benefits from CBD administered to dementia patients.

Fatigue, weakness and tremors, cognitive changes, depression and chronic pain are only some of the symptoms people with MS will experience.

Multiple sclerosis damages the central nervous system and there is no cure. There are medications used to manage MS symptoms. CBD is currently the subject of multiple research trials to determine its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of MS.

Listed below are links to published research trials that have considered CBD (cannabinoil) for the treatment of MS. These research efforts have identified the potential benefits of CBD. This information can help you to decide if CBD is an option for you. You will also see organic, pure CBD products recommended.


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Cannabidiol Reduces Spasticity, Pain, Inflammation, Fatigue, and Depression in patients with MS.

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Along with treating pain, epilepsy and anxiety, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil my be helpful in alleviating multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms.